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Environmental Management System

Environmental policy

<Basic Principles>

Seika Corporation is a general trading company specialized in selling a wide range of machinery and plant equipment. We consider it our responsibility as a member of society to have all employees work on environmental issues. We recognize that environmental issues are critical for the entire globe, and we are committed to making every effort to improve and protect the global environment while carrying out our business activities. As a creative partner bringing value to the industry, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

<Action guidelines>

  1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

    We comply with environment-related laws and regulations and local ordinances, as well as other requirements we accept.
  2. We endeavor to engage in the following particular activities.

    (1) Environmental considerations
         We are expanding our lineup of environmental protection products that use natural environment, as well as products that can help prevent global warming.

    (2) Efficient use of resources and energy
         We actively promote operational efficiency in office activities and strive to reduce their environmental impact.

  3. Conserve environment by continuous improvement of environment management system and prevention of pollution in order to improve environmental performance.
  4. This environmental policy is communicated to all persons who work in or for the organization.


<Applicable activity and site of the environmental management system>

(1)Environment management activities related to our activities, products
   and services performing sales and import/export of various plants and
   auxiliaries, equipment, instrument, environmental conservation machineries
   and electronic information system.

(2)Applicable Site:
   Head Office, Osaka Branch Office, Sapporo Branch, Muroran Branch, Yokohama Branch,
   Nagoya Branch, Shikoku Branch, Okayama Branch, Fukuyama Branch,
   Hiroshima Branch, Tokuyama Branch, Yamaguchi Branch, Kita-Kyushu Branch,
   Fukuoka Branch, Nagasaki Branch, Ohita Branch, Nobeoka Branch.

April 1, 2018
Akihiko Sakurai
President of Seika Corporation

Environmental policy ISO14001

We consider that “commitment to environmental issues is our social responsibility as a general trading company specializing in machinery”. We acquired ISO14001 certification as part of that commitment. All employees will continue to be committed to environmental activities and fulfill our responsibilities.

  • 1. Background of the acquisition of ISO14001 certification
July 26, 2004 A resolution was passed to obtain the certification; launch of the ISO promotion system
March 2005 Formulation of an environmental policy, purpose, goals and implementation plan
April 2005 Operation initiated
April 18-19, 2005 Initial assessment
June 1-3, 2005 Main assessment
June 22, 2005 Certification obtained
June 2008 Certification renewed
June 2011 Certification renewed
June 2014 Certification renewed
June 2017 Certification renewed
June 2018 Certification renewed
  • 2. Details of the Certification
1 Date of registration June 22, 2005
2 Registration number EC05J0078
3 Certification body Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
4 Content of assessment and registration Organization name   Seika Corporation
Registered office  All 17 domestic offices
Applicable standards ISO14001:2015
Accreditation organizationJAB, UKAS

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