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Corporate Philosophy

Seika Corporation contributes to the realization of an affluent society through the expansion of its business and as a creative industrial partner that brings real value.

Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy is to Contribute to Society Through the Expansion of Business.

No matter how society changes, the Group is committed to conducting business that rewards all stakeholders and being a Valuable Business that contributes to the realization of an affluent society.

Code of conduct

The following is the Code of conduct for employees of Seika Corporation:

  1. Being trustworthy is a priceless asset.
  2. To always have a high appreciation of the significance of existence is the basis of the business activities of a trading company.
  3. Fast and accurate information activities and effective responses win everything.
  4. To make decisions and handle things using objective consideration and pursue necessity and rationality without being influenced by intuition.
  5. To be driven by a pioneering spirit, be challenged, and be proud to overcome all difficulties, barriers, and turbulent times.

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